Welcome to the SS Cam Cup website! The competition has been running in SS since 2008 and you will find plenty of info about it on the 'History' page, which also includes a list of all finalists. 

The qualifying group pairings, standings and play-offs can be found on the 'Gold', 'Silver' and 'Bronze' pages. On the 'About SS' page, you can read info about Straightshots and how the League originated. 

There are three easy-to-fill-in forms pages'Join Up', 'Reporting' (to report the result of any set played, won or lost) and 'Issues' (if you have any complaint or any other issue you want to bring to my attention).

Should you wish to contact me otherwise, please use Trillian or email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. :)


No other pool league, whether in the old Yahoo game or elsewhere, has had a cam competition to match that of SS – 28 seasons of existence of our top division, namely the Gold Conference. Only 8BR Cam could have boasted a more prestigious competition (being a widespread event for all leagues) except that 8BR no longer operates following the demise of Yahoo Pool. So the SS Cam Cup is the leader of the field and I welcome players from all pool leagues in Gamedesire to participate.

The majority of games played as part of the SS Cam Cup get reported as 'leagues' which of course will help general League activity anyway. And, just to make the whole process even easier for those participating, our Admin team will report those 'leagues'! What could be simpler?


The 29th season of the Gold Conference produced a really good and exciting competition with some tremendous sets being played. Notable sets included Kerry 6 Sterlo 6, Benjo 6 Nigel 6 and Chris 6 Shane 6 in the group stage, and in the play-offs, Blake 12 Shane 10, Chris 12 Nigel 10 and the Final itself which finished Chris 13 Sterlo 11. Full credit to Chris who overcame a 9–4 deficit to beat the previous season's champion in a thrilling climax to the season.

So warm congratulations go to CHRIS (Pommyking) who took the main prize in his first season of competing. And a big thank you to Kerry for her excellent admin work to ensure that Gold 29 ran smoothly and on time.

Please check out the Silver and Bronze pages for all the info you need for the current seasons of the SS Cam Cup.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


NIGEL (ENDK.) is an Englishman living in Hertfordshire, several miles outside the suburbs of London, with his family. He first became involved in Yahoo Pool in 2005 when he initially joined Straightshots. Apart from SS, Nigel was a member of the following pool leagues – Brit Pool (BP), Crazy8erz (C8), Down By The Pool (DBTP), Eightball Crushers (8BC), Extreme Cues (EC), Golden Dreams (GD – his very first league), International Cue Addicts (ICA), Magic Pool Players (MPP), Rebelz (RB), Sexy Ass Ballerz (SAB), Thoutcast (TH) and XSS United (XSS). He is currently the Deputy Head Admin and a Senior Admin in Straightshots and spent two separate spells as the Interleague Coordinator in the days when there were numerous competitions running. Nigel has captained several SS teams to interleague success, winning four Best Captain awards in different interleagues along the way. On the pool table he has become an accomplished player himself, winning the UIC Swiss Individual title a record six times and the ILC Individual title on five occasions. In the SS Cam Cup, he has won three Silver Conference titles as well as two in Bronze. Professionally he is a graphic designer by qualification with a Bachelor of Art (BA) Honours degree and works as a freelance Apple Mac artworker mainly from home nowadays. Nigel has written rules, produced banners and created trophies for numerous interleague competitions and leagues. He was responsible for successfully resurrecting UIC Swiss in Gamedesire and has been the Head Admin for several seasons. His main past-times away from online activities include running an amateur Sunday football club in London and being a long-serving qualified football referee (soccer to Americans) under the London Football Association. He is an Alfa Romeo car enthusiast and owns a Giulietta 1.4 Multi-air coupe, his third Alfa Romeo.


>>>>IN: "There is something inherently wrong with the need to CAM games played between our own league members? Where's the trust gone?" Cass (decass10) 24 August 2012

<<<<OUT: The whole concept of the SS Cam Cup – and I exaggerate the word CAM – is that all games ARE recorded on tape! Sadly, there are too many aimer programs available so to ensure fair play, so it is essential to have games cammed for this very reason. I am actively encouraging players NOT to view tapes by awarding an extra point so I am promoting 'TRUST' if you like – but I am sure you see the need to use Camtasia in this competition. Nigel

>>>>IN: "I seen that - it is a great idea." Cass

– – – – – – – – – –


"Wish all cam comps had pages like this. Nice design and very clean... well done! Only thing is... no grid for results like old site?" 'scooby_dooby' 26 August 2012

<<<<OUT: Thanks for your comments, Scooby, whoever you are! Unfortunately, even though the Yola design menu allows quite a lot of features, tables are not included which is a shame, otherwise I would have used them to record results and especially for standings. Never mind... I think the information is pretty clear in the format I have used. Nigel

– – – – – – – – – –


"What's this Gold and Silver stuff? What's wrong with Div.A and B? And can't we have a shout box no more?" 

'lvlaster_l38ter' 14 January 2013

<<<<OUT: When I started the Cam Cup up again after a lengthy gap I thought a clean sweep would be a good idea, rather than simply continue with the previous regime. Joe came up with the idea of using Gold and Silver Conferences to replace the old Division A and B and I adopted this concept. As for the shout box, again, I have introduced a novel reporting page which I feel is so much easier to use – and do away with the unsporting comments that you get in any shout box! Nigel

– – – – – – – – – –


"changing ID to lethal" 

'sterlo.domonation' (Sterlo) 19 November 2015

Nige:why not use l_e_t_h_a_l? Spread it out to make it look more prominent
Sterlo:im not that lethal
Sterlo:just lethal will do
Nige:so more like semi-lethal or lethal(ish) lol

Nige:Ok, just to confirm your new Cam Cup details:
Nige:STERLO – ID: lethal - YM: sterlo.domonation
Nige:Have you made that new YM ID?
Nige:This will become obsolete
Nige:you need to readd me
Nige:on sterlo.domination
Sterlo:i just use this
Nige:so your YM ID will be this?
Nige:STERLO – ID: lethal - YM: sterlo.domonation
Nige:are your details then lol
Sterlo:yes thx nigel


ROCKY TAKES THE FIRST SS CAM CUP HELD IN GAMEDESIRE (APRIL 2015) Congratulations to India-born ROCKY who has won the Gold Conference Season 22 Final against fellow Indian Faizan on Friday 24th April. This was Rocky's third Final having lost to Ant and Kevin previously, so it was very much a case of third time lucky! Twenty-four players took part in Season 22 and the competition ran for just over two months without any hitches. Many thanks to all those who participated!

KEVIN (HAVOK) WINS THE GOLD CONFERENCE SEASON 20 TITLE (JANUARY 2014) Season 20 of the Gold Conference was the fifth competition which I organised for the SS Cam Cup's top event and previously Ant had dominated the whole thing, winning four titles in a row. So his failure to take part in the 20th season was, with full respect to him as the long-running champion, in a way welcomed only because it opened up the competition. Gold Season 20 attracted some very talented players and with Ant being replaced, it was anyone's guess as to who would become the new champion. Cameron, Craig, Crozzy, Don, Irfan (a former SS Cam Cup champion), Kevin, Lewis, Nish, Pita, Rocky, Sergio and Uriel... just a few of the contenders who were keen on becoming the twentieth champion of the top Cam competition outside 8BR. The eventual winner was KEVIN (havok) who, in his very first competition, beat twice-finalist ROCKY in the Season 20 Final. Congratulations to Kevin who joins the prestigious list of SS Cam Cup champions.

WEBSITE UPDATES IMPLEMENTED For Season 20 of the Gold Conference, I changed the way the play-offs were recorded by using a graphic with round-by-round brackets, an innovation which I believe to be an improvement. Taking this concept further in December 2013, I have now replaced all the previous season archived results (on the History) page which previously were typeset, to include all 2012 and 2013 Gold and Silver competitions. I think you will agree that the bracketed format makes for clearer reading. Sadly, other than the finalists, I do not have records of any season prior to 2012 when I was not organising the SS Cam Cup.

MISSY BECOMES THE FIRST FEMALE SILVER CHAMPION Congratulations to MISSY (BaByDoLL82_) who won the Silver Conference Season 12 by defeating Praveen in January 2014. In 20 seasons of the Gold Conference and 12 seasons of the Silver Conference, this is the first time that a female has won one of these competitions. Relatively speaking, I know that the number of women taking part has been a small percentage but even so, it's good to see a member of the fairer sex being successful.

CRAIG HARDLY 100%GOOD In the two years I have been running the SS Cam Cup, only one person had been removed from the competition for misconduct (during Gold Season 20). Sadly, I had reason to remove Craig (100%good) from Season 21 for a total lack of respect for the competition and the League. His whole attitude was unsporting, discourteous and rude, which really is no big surprise with him. Over the years I have had too many issues with him and, having been very tolerant on more occasions than I wish to recall, I simply do not have the time for his antics. Craig has also been kicked from SS as an undesirable member and to be honest, it's long overdue. 

FRANK IS A DESERVING WINNER If I have to single out anyone for their commitment to the SS Cam Cup, it has to be Frank (_frankie_1) who has played more Silver Conference qualifying sets than any other participating player. In Silver Season 13, he played over 50 sets and just failed to make the last qualifying eight for the play-offs. So he reached the Bronze Conference Final in Season 5 after a couple of eliminators and beat Luke 9–6 to win the competition, becoming the first German player to be successful in the SS Cam Cup. Congratulations, Frank!

KEVIN INSPIRES A NEW SS CAM EVENT I have always listened to suggestions and considered different options. Some suggestions are good and some aren't so good. And a few ideas have been implemented to make the SS cam Cup what is it today. A few weeks ago Kevin (havok) – the reigning Gold Conference champion – suggested that I should run a timed competition, because players seem to enjoy them. Well, I have decided to follow his advice and I have made a new website. The competition will be a straight knock-out to begin with. See the link on the home page for more details.

WELL OVER 1,150 REPORTED GAMES IN SILVER CONFERENCE SEASON 12 (NOVEMBER 2013) The new format for Silver Season 12 which I experimented with has, I believe, been very successful in terms of players arranging and fulfilling plenty of sets. In turn, these have helped activity in AMU enormously and to date, with 142 sets having been completed (at 21st October), that represents well over 1,150 games being reported on the SS ladder. So Silver Season 12 can only be said to be benefitting the League so we must give the innovative format the thumbs up. The freedom of this 'play who you want' format has allowed players to arrange sets at a time when tourney activity in AMU has been limited for one reason or another. It's another reason why players have enjoyed this current season and that pleases me as much as the improved activity in SS.

CONTROVERSY HITS SILVER SEASON 11 PLAY-OFFS We have recently endured the most controversial situation during the time I have been running the SS Cam Cup. It came in the shape of two players bringing a personal dispute into the competition when they happened to meet in the Silver Season 11 play-offs. The animosity caused by what seemed to be endless squabbles was ugly to say the least and placed the SS Cam Cup admin team in an awkward and difficult predicament. Allegations of hacking and threats affected the match which was won 9-7 by one of the players, and their tit-and-tat abuse should have brought recriminations under the competition rules, if I am honest. There were aspects of behaviour which I have not been pleased with and I believe we would have been fully entitled to penalise heavily in accordance with the competition rules. However, we tried to find a solution without the need to wield the proverbial axe because I really do not wish to see players kicked out unless as a last resort. So, after much time spent on the matter and a considerable amount of deliberation, we judged that the best and fairest outcome would be to replay the match from scratch. I realise that you cannot please everyone in competitive sport because the majority of players want to win and only think of their own situation. I put up with controversy in Season 18 of the Gold Conference when two players had a big dispute over tapes and what constituted a default win or not, again during a play-off match. And in Silver Season 10, a former champion of that particular event had a decision go against him which led to unpleasant statuses being put up on Yahoo Messenger resulting in his exclusion since then, not that he reapplied and just as well lol. So it's clear that in running a competition of this nature, there will always be controversy. What is essential though, is the ability to make common-sense and extremely fair judgments after consideration of the facts, irrespective of a player's standing in the League. The ugly tit-for-tat matter marring the Season 11 play-offs ultimately drew such a decision which I know for a fact did not appeal to everyone involved. What we have learned from this is that each player agrees when joining "to conduct myself sportingly at all times and in all situations regardless of circumstances. I understand that breaching this agreement or any of the competition Rules will make me liable to points deductions, forfeitures, or to be removed from the competition at any time." This is something all of us should NOT forget in future, because if I have to deal with another personal squabble like this one, I will have no qualms about removing the guilty parties without hesitation. Basically, I insist that all players contest the SS Cam Cup sportingly and if that is not possible, either do not enter in the first place, or face the possibility of being kicked. Above all, keep those nasty personal squabbles with others out of this prestigious competition because I will not tolerate such unsporting bull shit again. It's that simple.

INNOVATIVE QUALIFYING FORMAT FOR SILVER CONFERENCE SEASON 12 (SEPTEMBER 2013) A new format is being experimented for Season 12 of the Silver Conference and if you are eligible for this Conference, you are invited to take part! Basically, each player will be graded (which affects the points system) and there are no set fixtures, so that you can play as many sets as you want against other Silver Conference players, as long as (a) all results are reported by both players using the 'reporting' button, and (b) all games are reported as SS leagues on the SS website by both winning and losing players (a maximum of FIVE per player). The graded points system will hopefully make competition more equal in that a Grade A player will collect fewer points for beating a Grade B opponent than the other way around. This encourages a higher graded player to play similar graded players rather than lower graded ones, because there are more points available. Equally, a Grade B player would be better off trying to beat a Grade A opponent, than playing 'safe' by taking on another Grade B player! of course, both options are available since the number of sets played is unlimited. This is how the rankings work: All Set Points (SP) gained will be divided by the number of sets played, giving a points average which will determine the standings. The top 8 in the standings after the deadline has passed will contest the play-offs. The minimum number of sets you MUST play BEFORE the deadline is 10 – yes, TEN. A Grade A player must play at least 5 sets against Grade A opponents. You can play 100 if you wish, as long as all games are reported as SS leagues. Play 9 by the deadline and you will be removed from the standings (and become ineligible for the play-offs) even if you hold a top 8 position. All sets are up to 5 games (not 7), as long as a player wins by 2 clear games. But only 5 can be reported by each player, so if you lose 10–8, you report a maximum of 5. It is hoped that the shorter sets will encourage more matches to be arranged. There are penalties in the form of points deductions for not reporting results, SS leagues, and for any form of unsporting behaviour. If you have played in the 8BR 'A' Division and/or SS Cam Cup Gold Conference (former Division A), DO NOT enter this competition. If you do, you will be disqualified and possibly banned from future SS Cam Cups for deception. Since this is an experimental season, there are specific Season 12 rules which are listed on the 'Silver' page (scroll down to the Season 12 information). If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

ANT COMPLETES A HAT-TRICK OF GOLD CONFERENCE TITLES Englishman ANT (_champ) has become the first player to capture the main competition on five occasions after beating the Naveen in the last Gold Conference Final. Ant completed a treble of consecutive wins, a feat which matched Scotsman Kevin in the early days of the competition. CAMERON (camtagious) took the Silver Conference and ROBERT (fishinlifer) won the Consolation Plate, namely the Bronze Conference, by defeating Praveen and Shelle respectively. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to everyone who took part during the season.

GOLD CONFERENCE SEASON 20 LOOKING FOR APPLICATIONS Applications for the 20th season of the SS Cam Cup Gold Conference (formerly Division A) are invited. The Gold Conference should attract a strong field of players who will probably be split into two groups of six or seven. If you have played in 8BR A Division or a previous season of the Gold Conference, you can ONLY play in Gold again, not Silver. 

THE POINTS SYSTEM EXPLAINED For the last season and also applying to this current season (Season 19 Gold, Season 11 Silver), the points system in the group stages has been simplified. These do NOT apply to Season 12 Silver. Basically, you get 1 point for winning 3 games in a group match, plus 2 points for winning the match itself. And if you report the result, which, of course, is a requirement, you receive 2 extra points, giving a total of FIVE points for winning a match. If you win a match and do not report, you will only get 3 points! Points can be gained for losing a match too – the same 1 point applies for winning 3 games, plus 2 extra points for reporting. So the message is – always report your result, win or lose, since it could cost you 2 points for not doing so. And reporting is so easy, using the simple form so there is no excuse. The minimum number of points any player should always score is 2 – and that's by reporting your result. If you see anyone losing a match but scoring zero points, that means he or she did not bother to report! Without reports I cannot do updates so they are essential.

A NEW SEASON OF THE SS CAM CUP IS UPON US, THE SECOND OF 2012 (DECEMBER 2012) Thirty-two players have entered the SS Cam Cup for its second season of 2012 and have been placed in either the Gold or Silver Conference. For the first time the group draws were staged 'live' on webcam and Skype on Saturday 17th November, witnessed by Shelle (SS Head Admin), Marie (SS Cam Cup Admin) and last season's Gold Conference champion Ant. I drew sixteen numbered tiles out of a silver cup into four groups for each division. Shelle and Marie called the names from a pre-numbered list of players and the draw was done. Maybe not as slickly and extravagantly as a major sports draw covered by Sky TV, but it was a job completed fairly and squarely at random! The main changes in this second season this year is the revamped points system. I have dropped the bonus point for not viewing tapes in an effort to simplify the points system. Last season, winning a match would give fifteen points which included the reporting and no tapes bonuses. This season, I have reduced the points to just five for winning a match. Reporting a result is all-important since without this information I cannot update the website with players' scores. Whereas not viewing tapes is not of vital importance, having the scores of sets played is. After all, it IS an all-cam competition so players have the right to view tapes! You now get two points for winning a match, one point for winning a maximum of three games and two points for reporting the result. That gives you the five points, whilst a losing player can get three points for reporting a loss of 3-6 and any result above that. If a winning player fails to report whilst a losing player does report, it is possible for both players to have three points each from their match, so reporting (using the 'Reporting' button at the top) is important as I said above. I think the new points system, in its simplified form, is easier for all concerned, including Marie and myself when doing updates. Gone too from last season is the need for players to report 'leagues'. Marie and I will undertake this. I reckon we reported around 40% of games last season and I believe it is easier, again for all concerned, if Admin take care of this side of things. Reporting leagues is important to boost League activity so this is something we will not neglect. Games will be reported in batches – meaning that if, say, Marie beats me 6-4, I will report six wins to her in one batch and four wins to me in another batch. So if you suddenly see a minus six streak on your SS record, and know for sure that you didn't lose lose six games in a row, then you will know it is likely to be SS Cam Cup leagues being reported! Make sure you read the Rules properly and also the information on the 'Gold' and 'Silver' pages. I've had players asking questions which are covered in the information section above the group fixtures on both pages – so make a point of reading everything! Talking about the website generally, have a good browse around and enjoy the history of SS on the 'About SS' page. Also, you might like the list of winners on the 'History' page – especially the 'Finalists by Nations' section where you can hear National Anthems via You TubeRemember that you have agreed to be sporting at all times in the competition so please make sure you stick to what you have agreed. I have no time for bad sports and ungracious losers – so beware! All in all, I hope you enjoy the website and taking part in this prestigious competition – good luck!

A SUCCESSFUL RETURN FOR THE SS CAM CUP AS ANT WINS HIS THIRD GOLD (DIV.A) PRIZE! (NOVEMBER 2012) The first of our new Cam Cup seasons was completed on Sunday 4th November and I have got to mark it down as a success. When I set out to bring back the SS Cam Cup, it was always going to be a case of stepping into unknown territory to a degree because it had been quite a while since the last competition had been run (by Jonathan – leafed_leaf). With the activity in All Mixed Up on the wane and a league which had seen large numbers of daily tourneys reduced to a trickle, I was apprehensive about starting up the Cam Cup again. But, although numbers were set at 16 for the Gold and Silver Conferences, we filled the places and finally got the thing underway. Indeed, it was great to see it back and the general support I have received from players was very encouraging. So much so that I am planning on running a second season in 2012 which could well cross over into the New Year. It came as no surprise to me that ANT (mvp_sicc), that excellent English pool player who has won around 25 different cam competitions, reached the Gold Conference Final and defeated Indian-born ROCKY (l2_o_c_k_y) by 11-6. Ant was the red hot favourite from the outset and collected his third SS cam Cup win in his fifth Final. He has equalled the record set by Scottish-born Kevin (xlx_gameover_xlx) who reigned supreme in the early days of the Cam Cup. In the Silver Conference, the Brazilian SERGIO (o0_GoKu_0o), who arguably should have played in the Gold section, met surprise finalist GRAEME (no_wuckin_forries) in the Final and beat him by 11-7. The match see-sawed evenly until Sergio fianlly got the upper hand towards the end, but not without a great battle from the Australian. The Bronze Conference for the Consolation Plate was won by DUSTIN (l3ackspinz) from the Gold Conference who proved to be too strong for fellow American ROBERT (fishinlifer) from the Silver Conference, beating him by 9-2. If I had to hand out SS Cam Cup sportsmanship awards, one to a male and one to a female, I would designate KAREN (watthotfudge) and GRAEME to receive deserved gongs. Both competed with the maximum of sportsmanship and dignity throughout and were a real credit to the competition from start to finish. Karen, in particular, lost all six group sets but finished them before anyone else and carried on enjoying her pool regardless of the score. So congratulations to the three competition winners. It is to them that I dedicate the colorful 'celebration' graphic on the home page. To them and everyone else who participated, thanks for your valued support and I hope you will enter the forthcoming new season.

SUCCESSFUL RETURN OF THE SS CAM CUP (OCTOBER 2012) I think that the revamped competition has gone relatively well. There's a mixture of those who clear their sets promptly without fuss with those who find it harder to get them completed. So some groups have flowed by well within the time limit whilst others still have numerous fixtures to be played. At the time of writing this there are still a few group matches to be completed as the play-offs approach at the end of the month. The reporting system has worked well and is easy to do an most players have reported their league losses as directed. On a few occasions I have had to manually report some but, although not ideal, it's easy enough to do. Overall, the format hasn't caused too much controversy but, if I am to modify anything, I would like to simplify the points system somewhat. On the sportsmanship side, the majority have been fine. I would like to praise KAREN (watthotfudge) especially who took part in her first Cam Cup competition of any kind. Karen completed all her sets very quickly and despite losing them all, played them in a wonderful spirit which shows the good side of Yahoo Pool. She enjoyed taking part and it has been a pleasure having her onboard. Several others have shown the same attitude and I applaud anybody who has taken this competition in the way it should be played – sportingly with enjoyment, win or lose. Sadly one or two others have been less than sporting in their matches but this has been a minority. One in particular will not receive an invitation to take part again. This individual has built up an unsporting and argumentative reputation and I can clearly see why it has been earned. I witnessed two of his sets against Marie in the Silver Conference and, against one of the most sporting characters you will find, he cracked up after losing a couple of games in each set, blaming Yahoo glitches. Yet he still could have played on to win the matches but chose to bring on hissy-fit histrionics and give up! I was left with this individual arguing with me in YM and demanding to continue the sets he had forfeited! Contrary to his 'the world and his dog hates me' attitude, I have no problem with this person as long as he shows sportsmanship, graciousness in defeat and a far better attitude. But Hell with freeze over before that happens so I have made a decision to omit him in future. Because he agreed to abide by the Rules and be sporting when joining, I can see no scope for Sacha to take part in the next Cam Cup competition. So the play-offs for Season 1 2012 are approaching and will provide some good competitive matches in the Gold and Silver Conferences. And, of course, there is still involvement for the group stage losers since the Bronze Conference is running as a Consolation Plate competition. All will be clear once the groups standings have been completed.
ABOUT THIS SS CAM CUP WEBSITE I hope you all enjoy this new-look SS Cam Cup website which I've tried to make more interesting than the previous ones. I have included a full list of SS Cam Cup finals and a history of the competition. There is also the overall history of the Straightshots Pool League (on the 'About SS' page), together with SS website links. Each Conference competition has its own page in a clear easy-to-follow design and each includes a list of competing players together with their playing IDs and Yahoo Messenger IDs for you to contact them. There's a link directly to the 'Report Loss' page on the SS website, which you will find on the 'Reporting' page. Also, I will publish any interesting comment or query that is sent to me. Below will be the place where I will feature them. All in all, I hope you enjoy the website and taking part in this revamped prestigious competition – good luck!

DON'T KNOCK IT... GIVE IT A CHANCE! (AUGUST 2012) One thing I have noticed in life is that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. I think it is human nature to moan and whinge about new things especially if they are being compared to something previously in existence. Few people like change and get used to a product or commodity so that anything different is initially sneered at. The SS Cam Cup is one fine example of this, where players were used to a format run by Jonathan (drunk_canuck) for a few seasons. He used a formula widely followed by others in pool cam competitions and I must agree that it worked. Jonathan took his cam competition to New Era and SS as a league disassociated itself from him, mainly because before he left he lifted all eligibility requirements in the next SS Cam Cup so that anyone from any league could enter the competition! That might be acceptable for New Era but certainly not for Straightshots. Jonathan's departure from the league meant that the SS Cam Cup went into decline whilst he more or less carried on the same thing in NE. Around April I initiated plans to get the SS Cam Cup resumed with Joe running it but due to his own circumstances it never got off the ground other than an application form. So I have had to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and bring back the SS Cam Cup in a new format, on a new website, with new rules and a bright new appearance. I recognise the fact that the SS Cam Cup is an important part of the league and it has been missed this year, there is no doubting that. I'd like to thank Joe who came up with the idea of Conferences to replace the uninspiring Division A and B. After all, in Olympic year I do like the idea of a gold, silver and bronze theme! In redeveloping the SS Cam Cup, I know there will be detractors who will moan and whinge about this and that. That is to be expected and I am not, in the least, fazed by negativity by certain individuals. All I recognise is that I wanted to get it up and running again and had no option but to take on the organisation myself. So I have used my design experience to create a bright new website, hosted by Yola who I have used before (to host the SS Interleague site and UIC Swiss specials). As I said at the start, I have no idea what kind of response the 2012 Cam Cup will get and how successful it will be. But the only way to find out is to give it a go and see what happens. I've thrown my hat into the ring to get something done and I have spent a lot of time developing a new website. How ever big or small this first competition turns out to be, it is a START and a promising one at that; it is being organised by someone who is very experienced at running a whole host of events. Whether the SS Cam Cup needs to modified in any way we will see. So my message to those who wish to moan and whinge about the new format: don't knock it, give it a chance. Please join the 2012 SS Cam Cup and enjoy some decent cam competition back in AMU again.

IN MY BLOOD AND A WAY OF LIFE! I was asked recently how I got into arranging things. Let me start at the beginning. There used to be a program on TV called 'It's a Knock-out', which was derived from the French original entitled 'Je Sans Frontiers'. Men and women would put on silly costumes and take part in absurd obstacle races and events, gaining points for their teams. Watching adults slip, slide, fall over and generally make fools of themselves in the name of 'sport' was hilarious. I recall people in giant penguin suits trying to leap over blocks and skate down slippery ramps, whilst holding two buckets of water, the objective being to reach the end of the course with as much water left as possible. This was one of many bizarre games that kept 'It's A Knock-out' viewers glued to their sets every Friday evening for years in the United Kingdom. It was compared by an exuberant presenter called Stuart Hall, whose non-stop howls of laugher had you giggling at him just for the fact that he was enjoying it so much! It was first class entertainment all the same and the fact that it became an international televised event, albeit in Europe as 'Je Sans Frontiers', proved the point. As a youngster, I would try to recreate these games with my younger brother in our bedroom, using small figures, toy cars, bricks and anything we could find to build obstacle courses. We would throw, flick, maneuver anything moveable to score points for the imaginary teams and we had a great time. My role was the organiser of this amusing play-time and I went on to arrange table football, badminton and table tennis tournaments amongst a whole list of sporting events. My mother said that organising was in my blood! At the age of 14 I co-founded a real football club (soccer to you Americans) which is still running to this day! We are approaching our 37th season in league football and we now run 3 teams. I have run chess tournaments, five-a-side football competitions, club dinners and luncheons, Annual General Meetings and many, many events over the years. So being a team captain in pool interleagues or running a Cam Cup competition is run of the mill for me. Organising things is a way of life!

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