Hopefully, the SS Cam Cup will be played in the best possible spirit throughout, since everyone taking part has agreed to abide by the competition Rules and to be sporting at all times. Which means that, if you all cooperate fully with one another, this page should generally be redundant! 

However, we realise that there will be the occasional gripe so please use this form constructively to raise any issues. Having said that, it is not our intention to spend hours and hours sorting out problems so we are relying on extreme cooperation from each and every player. Simply stated, we do not have time for bad sports, ungracious losers or people who raise complaints just for the sake of it. But where you have valid grounds to raise a complaint, you can use the form below to report poor behaviour which needs to be noted or acted upon (at the Admins' discretion).

Also use this form if you are having problems arranging a match or for clear lack of cooperation by an opponent. If you need to back up any complaint by submitting evidence, such as screen-shots or Messenger convos proving you have made efforts, email these to Kerry on

Or you can use the form to report tape anomalies or improper behaviour by others (including spectators) at any pool table or in the League 01 lobby which needs to be reported. Or if you have noticed that some of your wins have not been reported as 'SS leagues', you can use the form by ticking in the appropriate place and giving the number of unreported games in the 'comments' box. If you notice any error or omission on this website, please use the form. You can also use this form for the SS Cam Timed and BankQ8.

In conclusion, ONLY use this page if you have a valid matter which needs arbitration or should be noted. If it is really trivial or frivolous, especially a case of 'sour grapes' or a really minor gripe, then consider saving your own time by not submitting it – and our time having to deal with it if you do!

Please be patient with any possible response. Finally, thank you for your time and cooperation if you do submit this form. 

Issues, complaints and other matters

Name of SS Cam competition applicable

I wish to draw your attention to the following:

By submitting this form using the 'Submit' button below, you agree to unconditionally abide by any decision made, and understand that any issue deemed to be trivial or frivolous will be dismissed. If you do not accept this stipulation, DO NOT submit any gripe.

Email any screenshots taken as evidence to if necessary.

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